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          C-SPIN Annual Review

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          2017 Annual Review: September 27-28

          The 2017 C-SPIN Annual Review will be held at the University of Minnesota September 27 - 28, 2017. The review will begin on the morning of September 27th and will wrap-up mid-afternoon on the 28th. There will be a reception and dinner for all review attendees the evening of the 27th. Please see the agenda page for more details about the review schedule. Please note that the agenda is a draft and is subject to changes.

          C-SPIN members, please log in to the Intranet for presentation templates, deadlines, and further details.

          The annual review is open to members of C-SPIN and sponsors only. If you have any questions about attending the review, please contact C-SPIN at cspin {at} umn.edu.

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